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Maturity, grace and wisdom are some of the gifts of growing old. But, as one ages there are different challenges. Your senior may not mention about pain in different body parts, forgetfulness and other age related issues. However, you will need to pause and find out. Getting regular check up’s and meeting with the GP is essential, a good caregiver for senior makes it easier . Other than these age related issues, the risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure also rises as one ages. The psychological and emotional vulnerability also increases. There are chances of depression, anxiety and other such psychological disorders, which may mar your senior. But, keeping them busy and following an exercise and diet regime can do wonders. One such form of exercise, which your senior must try is Yoga. It has it many benefits for the overall well-being. Read on to learn how about the benefits of yoga for seniors and imbibe this practice in their routine after consulting the GP.

Benefits of Yoga

#1. Pain Relief:

Most seniors complain of pains in joints and muscles. Taking medication for this remains the only source of relief. If such is the case with your senior, then give yoga a try. With the regular practice of yoga, there will be pain reduction and better strength. In addition, practicing yoga in a group will have its benefits on your senior’s mood. Interacting with peers will be socially engaging and you will see significant psychological benefits of yoga.

#2. Improves Flexibility:

There are motion and flexibility related challenges, which affect as one ages. Yoga can come to their rescue as it enhances flexibility with different stretches. The muscle stretches while doing different yoga postures improves the flexibility and lubricates the joints. If your senior suffers from arthritis and joint stiffness related issues, then yoga practice can benefit them manifold

#3. Better Sleep Quality:

Aging affects the sleep quality, significantly. Your elderly will often complain of poor sleep quality or less sleep. Yoga will prove to be effective in this scenario, as well. With physical activity, breathing and relaxation techniques, the sleep quality will improve and aid the overall quality of life of your senior. A sound sleep at night will ensure your senior feels and perform better during the day.

#4. Reduced Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure Levels:

The different breathing exercises, which one performs during yoga helps in better flow of blood and improved metabolism. The calming techniques, the physical activity together works in keeping the blood sugar and blood pressure levels under control.

#5. Improves Balance:

The episodes of falls increase as one ages. But, there are many yoga poses, which focus on stability and strengthening of muscles, preventing falls. It works as a prevention and can help your senior to bounce back too. With a regular yoga routine, there will be increased strength and stability, which will help your elderly overcome past injuries due to falls.

Yoga is for the overall health and well-being of a person. One is never too old to start this amazing practice. But, considering the existing health issues of your senior it is advisable to start the practice only after consulting the GP. If your senior is advised by the doctor to take up yoga, then look for elderly yoga class in your neighborhood and gift your senior good health, overall. Going out of the house and mingling with people will be good for their emotional and psychological well-being, as well. However, if your senior cannot commute, then you can help with an in home caregiver. Someone who can accompany your senior for the yoga therapy. Alternatively, there are also door to door pick and drop service for older adults. You can get such services from Complete Home Care if you are residing in Philadelphia or Harrisburg. View our services here and make the most of it for your senior. Our loving professional caregiver for senior will be by the side of your aging adult making life easier and more awesome.