What are the Qualities to Look for in a Caregiver?

“When you are a caregiver, you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours”, aptly defines the relationship of a caregiver and a patient. Living the life of a caregiver is not easy. Likewise, when you decide to hire a professional caregiver for your aging senior it is not an easy decision. Leaving your loved one with a stranger is not easy at that age. But, sometimes you have to take such tough decisions for your work and various other reasons. So, when you hire a caregiver for your aging senior, ascertain the caregiver skills carefully and check for the qualities mentioned below. It will give you a sense of satisfaction that your beloved senior is in safe hands.

Qualities in Caregiver

#1. An Empathizing Caregiver:

When a person is empathizing by nature, he can put himself in the shoes of the other person. Understanding the pain, the problem of the other person happens only when you are compassionate and empathizing. This is one quality, which an in home caregiver must possess. Once the caregiver can relate to the patient, a bond between the two will automatically form and naturally the pillars of such a relationship will be built on the qualities of care, love, and respect.

#2. Passionate about the Job:

The way the caregiver performs her task will give you an idea if she is passionate about it. If a person is in this kind of profession, then being passionate is a must. Only a passionate caregiver, will help your senior happily, enthusiastically and positively. It is this caregiver trait that will define her attitude towards her work and provide a lively atmosphere for the senior.

Qualities in Caregiver

#3. Being Patient & Flexible:

Dealing with an aging adult can be difficult. They may ask the same question, over and over again. Every day can be a new challenge as they may be suffering from a new pain or health concern. So, being patient and flexible is important. Only a patient caregiver, will be able to deal with a stubborn and uncooperative senior in a calm manner. It may be time for the caregiver to go home, but the senior will be acting rigid and refusing to go to bed. In such circumstances, the person will have to be flexible and deal with the situation in a tranquil manner. When looking for a caregiver, ensure you give precedence to the patient’s requirement and take charge whenever necessary.

#4. Attentive & Alert:

An elderly needs constant attention and the companion needs to be always alert. There will be times when the patient is not able to communicate the problem or suddenly the senior feels sick. At such times, a professional caregiver should be able to notice the change and respond promptly. So, the attendant has to be attuned and should be able to help with little or no warning.

#5. Emotionally Tough, Physically Fit:

Along with the qualities mentioned above, you must take into note if the caregiver is emotionally strong and stable. It is important for the in home caregiver to establish a bond with the senior, but should be able to maintain a strong attitude for the well-being of the patient. In addition, they need to be physically fit. This should be taken into consideration if the patient has to be moved around in the house or has to be given bath by the caregiver.

Qualities in Caregiver

Look for the above qualities of a caregiver when you hire one for your loved one. Keep a check and ask your senior for a feedback, time and again. If you are looking for such reliable caregivers, then you can depend on the Complete Home Care team. We hire a caregiver after complete background checks and after assessing them on different parameters. You can view our home care services and read the testimonials to reassure you. We ensure that our caregivers become a part of the family and take complete care of your dear ones.