Walking and Preventing Feebleness in Seniors: The Co-Relation

The feeling of weakness, frailty is often synonymous with growing old. Your seniors may long to fulfill their fancies during their golden years, but the lack of strength and energy frustrates their attempts. One of the primary reason behind this feebleness is the lack of physical activity. As one ages, there is a significant decline in their movement and activities.

A Harvard study indicates, “After the age of 25-30, an average man’s maximum attainable heart rate declines by about one beat, per minute, per year. So, a healthy 25-year-old can pump 2½ quarts of blood a minute, which declines to 1 ½ quarts by the age of 65 and about a quart at the age of 80.”

Moreover, many research suggests that walking is one way of preventing frailty in seniors. Before we understand this co-relation, let’s know what is frailty and its symptoms?

Frailty & Its Symptoms

It is a state of persistent weakness and tiredness. Surveys indicate, “nearly 20% older Americans over the age of 80 are frail.” Some of its symptoms include,

  • Low energy
  • Slow walking speed
  • A weak grip of things
  • Slow physical activity

The Co-Relation

There are many benefits of Walking and Preventing Feebleness in Seniors as it can go a long way in warding off frailty in your ageing seniors.

  • It strengthens the muscles, improves the balance and eases mobility. When walking there is muscle-building that takes place and gives strength and stamina to the body. Moreover, an easy to do workout for your ageing seniors even those living with a sedentary lifestyle can start walking after consulting the GP. Initially, they may require supervision. However, with no technique and training requirement, they will soon be able to walk according to their convenience.
  • If you feel that your ageing adults need supervision while walking or the GP advices the same, then you can seek support in the form of an in-home caregiver. Someone, who can come to your elderly’s home and take them for a walk. A professional caregiver can monitor their walking session, and they can enjoy it too without the fear of falls.
  • It is often the fear of falling that makes your seniors switch to a sedentary lifestyle. However, when your seniors are accompanied, they will also willingly go for a walking session, everyday. You can also look for community walking groups. It is a great way of helping them mingle with their peers and spend some time close to nature. Such an effort will make walking a socially and emotionally satiating experience.
  • Moreover, during your week-offs, you can take your seniors for a walk and spend some quality time with them, and asses their health. But when you are not around, you can rely on a trusted senior home care agency, like Complete Home Care. Walking and Preventing Feebleness in Seniors.
Walking and Preventing Feebleness in Seniors

A qualified and seasoned professional from our team will come to take your senior for a walking session. The caregiver will take them from home and drop them back. Besides, they will monitor their pace and help them stay strong during these golden years of their life. We are a specialized senior care agency, and you can rely on us for your senior’s care. Learn more about us and our presence from Complete Home Care.