Travel Tips for an Elderly with Memory Loss

When your dear elderly is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or some dementia, you may stall or postpone your travel plans. While you will be brushing aside the idea of leaving them behind, taking them along may not seem a possibility either. Disturbing their routine and increasing agitation in their behavior can be matters of concern. However, some proper foreplanning can make traveling with your old age dementia possible with ease. Below are some travel tips for your senior with memory loss.

# Tip 1: Select Destination with Care: When it comes to choosing the destination to select a place of which your senior has fond memories. Your ageing elderly will often recall past incidents easily as compared with the recent ones. If they like a particular place or have been to some place frequently in the good old days, then take them to such a destination.

# Tip 2: Think Over Travel Means & Methods: Once you decide the destination, think over the means of transportation. Flying to your destination will be the fastest means. However, it can make them stressful. For an Alzheimer’s patient, being in noisy and busy places like an airport can make them anxious and agitated. It is ideal to plan a road trip with elderly parents in your car. When they feel anxious, you can stop and take them for a walk. Besides, you can also manage their meal timings easily when you are traveling by car. If their everyday routine is maintained it will be easy for you and your senior to cope.

# Tip 3: Pack Everything Cautiously: You all are going on vacation, and the spirits will be high, but remember to pack everything carefully. Clothes, medicines, doctor contact numbers, medical history, and prescriptions. It is essential to plan and be prepared for any emergency during travel. You must also take the medication for agitation in dementia patients. Along with taking care of the medical part, take along their favorite games, nightwear, and pillow to ensure that they stay engaged and sleep well. If they like listening to music, then have a playlist ready too, and you can make them enjoy even during the journey in the car.

# Tip 4: Keep Airlines & Hotel Informed: When flying with Alzheimer’s patients it is important to pre-inform the airlines’ staff and the hotel. Airlines can help in making arrangements and provide you with the details regarding boarding protocols. Likewise, the hotel staff can help you with a caregiver who can take care of your senior when you plan to go out and explore the destination.

# Tip 5: Consider Taking Professional Caregiver: If the senior is suffering from an advanced stage of dementia and you are not able to take them along, then consider hiring an elderly companion who can take care of the senior when you are not around. Besides, there are also travel assistance services available. It will be useful if the senior is accompanying you as there will be someone with your senior at all times.

Consider the above tips and plan your vacations easily with your senior suffering from memory loss. If you are in Narberth, Philadelphia or Harrisburg, then you can consider the home care services by Complete Home Care. To know more about services, click Complete Home Care and let us help you and your ageing elderly sail through this phase of life easily.

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