Tips to Prevent Senior Hospitalization

Your home is your comfort zone, and your seniors want this comfort more than ever. With age, one prefers to stay at home and manage things at their own pace. However, as one ages the biggest fear is parting from home and getting hospitalized. There are new health issues that keep surfacing every day, and if not managed properly, can lead to hospitalization. Seniors fear hospitalization as they feel that they won’t return home with the same independence level or at worst will never get to see their home, again. Besides, there are also studies, which indicate that there is a surge in cognitive decline in seniors post-hospitalization. However, there are also research studies that indicate most senior hospitalizations are preventable. Some of the ways to prevent senior hospitalization include,

Tip #1: Health Management: When you have older adults at home, you need to manage their health holistically. You need to follow their doctors’ advice, medication timings and cater to their nutrition requirements religiously. If the doctor is introducing new medications, you should inquire about any side-effects with the existing medications. It is also important to adhere to the schedule for their medical checkups. Besides, regarding nutrition, you should ensure that they get their required vitamins and minerals. Such holistic healing will help to keep a check on their existing health concerns and avert new issues.

Tip #2: Physical Management: Age is no excuse for not exercising. Some form of physical activity is a must for everyone, irrespective of the age. However, if your senior wants to reduce the risk of hospitalization, coronary and heart issues, then exercising is a must. Walking, yoga or light strength training can go a long way in reducing the chances of lifestyle issues and in preventing senior hospitalization.

Tip #3: Social Management: As your seniors age, you should encourage them to go out and meet their friends once in a while. Meeting old friends can be the perfect therapy for elderly. Besides, you can encourage them to take up an activity or hobby at the community center. They will be able to mingle with people in their age group and do something they like. These small means can be significant in helping your seniors socialize.

Tip #4: Home Management: The moment you notice your senior staring at those staircases and delaying those trips to the bathroom, you should think about proofing the house for elderly. Remove the rugs from the hallways, add support railings in the bathroom and start keeping essentials at a comfortable height for them. These will also reduce the risk of falls and incidents.

Tip #5: Symptom Management: If you notice any new symptoms in your aging adults, take cognizance and act immediately. Several surveys indicate that seniors end up in the hospital for diseases, which can be managed at home with timely diagnosis and early intervention.

Along with the above tips, if you want your older adult to age at home gracefully but find yourself sandwiched among different chores, then seek home care assistance. It can go a long way in preventing hospitalization. A professional caregiver can take care of your senior’s health, exercise schedule and warn you regarding any new symptoms. Offering these services in several cities across the US, Complete Home Care is a reliable name in this industry. Complete Homecare is an affiliate of New York-based senior home care agency, Xtreme Care, where our professionals provide complete care to your older adults like their own family. To learn more about our services and locations click here, and let’s take care of your seniors in the comfort of their home.