The Essential Factors for a Good Night Sleep of your Senior

Sound sleep is a must for each one of us. If you don’t sleep well, you will experience lethargy and laziness through the day. It will impact your productivity and can lead to eating disorders. The same holds true for your aging adult. Most assume that as one age, lack of sleep or poor sleep quality is bound to happen. While it may be true for people suffering from certain diseases, but it is not something universal. So, if your elderly can’t sleep at night, taking time to sleep, waking up frequently during the night, then it is important that you make certain dietary modifications and lifestyle changes to help your senior.

Here are some factors and ways that can help your senior with a great sleep every night.

  • The Right Ambiance: When your senior is facing difficulty in sleeping at night try to work out a conducive environment. Ensure that the lights are turned off, play some relaxing music or try some soothing fragrance. You should also provide them with a comfortable mattress and a bedding. The right ambiance can go a long way in making your senior calm and getting into the slumber mode.
  • Bedtime Ritual: Try to establish a bedtime routine and ensure that they adhere to it. Like, brushing the teeth, meditating for a while and heading to bed. You can work around a similar routine or something more apt and convenient for your senior. Besides, you must ensure that they go to bed every day, at the same time. Their body will also get customized to such bedtime rituals, and they will be able to sleep quickly.
  • Dietary Modifications: Along with the above, you should plan a diet, which is easy to digest. However, meal planning should not be restricted to the dinner time alone. Instead, post lunch you should not serve anything that can cause discomfort to their stomach. The evening snacks and dinner should be light, and try to serve an early dinner. Think of such healthy foods for good sleep and keep 2-3 hours gap between dinner and bedtime. This will help them sleep better.
  • Exercise, A Must: With age, your senior will refrain from movement and exercise. This also hampers the sleep quality. So, try to plan an exercise regime for your senior and make sure they adhere to it. Not something too tough or demanding, instead plan light and easy basic workout schedule for good sleep. To begin with, walking for some time every day can also be apt. Otherwise, you can look for senior exercises or yoga classes and enroll them. It will also give them a break as they can go out of the house, make friends, engage with peers and workout.
elderly basic workout
  • Avoid Alcohol & Caffeine: As one ages, it is best quitting alcohol and caffeine. However, if your senior is reluctant or finding it difficult to quit, then reduce the intake and ensure that they don’t have either alcohol or caffeine close to bedtime.
  • Reduce Nap Time: Even nap time tends to spoil the bedtime routine. You can work a routine for your senior wherein, if they take an afternoon nap, it should be a nap only. Otherwise, to overcome sleep problems in adults it is best if they can avoid napping altogether.
Personal Care

If none of the above is helping, then consult a doctor and seek advice. It could be due to some chronic ailment or medication. But, if the above tips are helpful and you do not have the time to help your senior, then you can look for home care services. Someone who can make the appropriate meal for your seniors, serve food on time, take them for the exercise class and make the bed, just right. There are special senior personal care attendants who can streamline this sleeping issue, which is quite harmful to your elderly. It can increase the risk of lifestyle diseases, falls and irritability. If you are looking for such services in Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Narberth, then Complete Home Care can be the ideal option. Our seasoned professionals can take care of your loving seniors just like you. View our services here and give us a chance to serve you.

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