The Benefits of Aging at Home

The feeling of being home gives a sense of contentment and comfort to everyone. It is universal and applies to your aging elderly, too. Taking the decision of sending them to assisted living facility will be as difficult for them as it will be for you. Surveys indicate, almost 90% of the seniors prefer to live in their own home for as long as possible. It is difficult to withdraw from your familiar surroundings for people at that age. So, before you take this decision for your elderly read on to know the many benefits of aging at home.

Benefits of Aging
  • A Sense of Belonging, A Sense of Comfort:  Parting from your dwelling at that age of your life can leave you feeling out of place. At home, your senior knows everything, their bedroom, the family room, kitchen – it gives a sense of belonging. While, living in a home for the aged will be like starting life from the scratch. New people, new ambience and new room, will call for a lot of changes in your elderly’s life. Moreover, the sense of comfort will also be missing. That feeling of home will no longer be there in your senior’s life.
  • Away from Family & Friends: Of course, you will still go to meet your senior at the elderly home facility, whenever you get a chance. But, meeting up the whole family or spending time with friends will no longer be possible. It will be a social disconnect for your elderly. Moreover, when you or other family members go to meet the senior that level of comfort will not be there, which one experiences at home. When you go to meet your senior at home, there is a loving environment. Looking at things at grandma or grandpa’s home you recall your childhood days. There are so many stories, so many memories and a different level of comfort, all together. For senior home care, contact us to provide your elderly the comfort they need.
Benefits of Aging
  • A Sense of Independence: When your senior stays at home alone, with family or with a caregiver, there is a sense of independence. They can do things at leisure and have control over their lives. Along with spending time with family, they can also experience the joy of participating in community whenever they like. So, as long as your senior ages and stays at home, there will be this sense of independence and dignity.
  • Safety Is Manageable: Leaving your senior alone at home can be a matter of concern. But, this is manageable, by making some changes at home. You can proof the home by removing rugs, keeping daily essentials accessible, adding bars in bathroom and along the stairway. Depending upon the things, which can affect your senior’s safety, home modifications for aging in place can be done.
  • Expenses are better Managed: Along with the social and emotional factors, even monetarily keeping your senior at home will be a wise decision. If your senior requires some help, then you can opt for in home assistance for elderly. There is also the option of availing caregiver services in Philadelphia at hourly basis.
Benefits of Aging

If you are taking the decision of keeping the dotting senior at home with in home caregiver, then the services of Complete Home Care will make your decision an easy one. There are different elder care services, which we offer for seniors and you can touch base with us to give your senior the best. Click here to know more about our presence and services, and let’s help you in keeping your senior home in the best, most conducive environment.