safety checklist for seniors at home

Safety Checklist for Seniors at Home

There is nothing like living in the comfort of your own home. But, as one ages staying alone at home can get difficult. There are safety, security and mobility challenges. The below data sourced from the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, only reaffirms th

However, parting from your nest at that age can be difficult. It can be disturbing for your aging senior, emotionally. Instead of moving an older adult to a retirement home, how about availing elder care services? How about proofing the home and making it safe for your senior? These efforts from your end will be truly cherish-able. Living in your own home in your retirement years is blissful as the elderly are more comfortable and happy in their space. Read on to learn about different safety mechanisms, which can provide the conducive environment for your aging senior.

Personal Safety

i. Check the shoes sole of your senior from time to time and remove the ones with slippery soles
ii. Add a wearable medical alert system for precaution
iii. Keep a medication dispenser for your senior to avoid missing pills
iv. Hire a professional senior care giver who can help carry out the daily chores and provide medication for the senior timely

person safety

Safety in the Kitchen

i. Remove the extra utensils from the kitchen and make it clutter free
ii. Check and remove expired food
iii. Try to keep pots and other essentials at waist level
iv. Keep inflammable items away from the stove top as part of home safety for seniors

Safety in the Kitchen

Bathroom Safety

i. Label the faucets, hot and cold
ii. Have grab bars installed in the shower area and toilet
iii. Put rubber mats in the bathtub to prevent slipping
iv. Go for non slip bathroom floor tiles
v. Set the thermostat of the water heater below 120 degree Fahrenheit to prevent scaling

Floor Proofing

i. Make sure the walking area is well lit
ii. Ensure the walking area is clear of cables and objects
iii. Avoid the use of slippery floor cleaners and non slip flooring
iv. Remove loose rugs and furniture from the walking area
v. Check for spills

Floor Proofing
Floor Proofing

Other Home Safety Tips for Seniors

i. Check for old and loose light bulbs
ii. Ensure all smoke alarms are in working condition
iii. Check leaky pipes and get bathroom waterproofing done
iv. Appliances like iron and kettle should be with automatic shut off feature

Other Home Safety Tips for Seniors
Other Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Keep the above checklist handy during senior home safety inspection and proof the home, carefully. In addition, hiring a professional caregiver is a safe option. Your senior will always be accompanied and there will be someone to take care of personal hygiene and for maintaining the home. If you are looking for such professional elder care in Harrisburg and Philadelphia, then Complete Home Care is a reliable name. Our trained professionals will take care of your aging senior and help them live comfortably and happily in their own home. You can view our different services here and gift your senior a safe and secure home with a loving and compassionate, caregiver.