Parkinson’s Care Tips for your Elderly

Parkinson’s is a life altering disease, which affects the senior citizens. It is a progressive degenerative neurological disease, which usually develops mostly in men. This disease is progressive by nature as it continues to worsen over a period of time. Caused by the lack of dopamine production, the more this disease progresses lesser dopamine the brain receives. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease. Although medicines and treatment is available, but this problem continues to aggravate over a period of time. Being patient and supportive with the senior living with this disease is important. Here are some Parkinson’s care tips that will be useful for family and in home caregivers.

Elderly Care
  • Knowledge about the Disease: When it comes to Parkinson’s disease early symptoms every person has different ones. So, it is essential that the caregiver should have knowledge about the disease. You should read the maximum information available about the disease and clear your queries and concerns on every doctor visit.
  • Communicate & Maintain Loving Relationship: Communicating with a person suffering from signs of Parkinson’s disease continues to get difficult. They face speech and cognition problems, and tend to speak softly. The elderly will also have problem in processing information. Instead of not talking to them or avoiding them, it is important to communicate with the senior. Make them feel loved and cared.
  • Keep the Floors Clear:
    With this progressive disease, the patient suffers from mobility related challenges. They are likely to face walking and balancing problems. So, they may encounter tremor or rigidity, while walking and over a period of time lose mobility completely. This makes it essential that you keep the floors clear at all times. It is better to remove rugs and mats too. In addition, providing railing support will also be a good idea.
Elderly Care
  • Minimal Background Noise: A person suffering from Parkinson disease is not able to process a lot of information, at once. Background noise or sound from multiple sources can freeze the patient. It will further weaken their problem solving and multitasking skills. So, it is important to keep the background noise and sound to the minimum.
  • Seek Professional Help: Caring for someone with Parkinson’s disease can be quite difficult. Arranging for quality in home care can give the family caregivers a break. Hiring experienced and compassionate caregivers can help the senior suffering from the problem and the senior’s family.

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