Is your senior hiding the early signs of Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is a brain disease, which gradually declines memory, thinking and reasoning skills. Your senior may be knowing one or more person who suffers from Alzheimer’s and has a fair idea regarding the symptoms. So, when your they show Alzheimer’s symptoms, they might pretend and hide it from you. The senior may fear over bothering you, seeing a physician or the many changes they will have to experience post diagnosis, so they pretend and hide. But, the earlier the diagnosis is done the better it will be for the senior and family.

Below are the early signs, which a senior’s caregiver and family member must know.

1. Covering-up Forgetfulness: When your senior starts hiding forgetful traits on pretext of old age or because they did not sleep well the previous night, it calls for your attention. One or two episodes here and there are not a matter of concern. But, when you notice a pattern, then it’s an alarm. Forgetfulness is one of the early signs of Alzheimer’s and the most common signs, which one often tends to ignore.

2. The Favorite Hobbies, the Best Friends Don’t Excite Anymore: The once upon a time favorite game no longer excites your aging adult. Meeting that best friend every day is gradually reducing. Your senior comes with some excuse or the other to avoid meeting the bestie. These withdrawal Alzheimer’s symptoms may be because they forget the rules of the game, which he played the best all his life. In addition, the elderly may forget why he ventured out or why he is at a particular place? So, people suffering from Alzheimer’s prefer to stay at home.

3. Everyday Chores become A Task: Your senior taught you how to manage the expenses and make the family, monthly budget. But, now the same senior is finding it a task to do it? Is not able to manage the everyday home chores and doing a monthly budget gets confusing? If such things are becoming a pattern, then these are signs of Alzheimer’s and you need to intervene and check.

4. Losing Sense of Direction & Changes in Vision: Finding it difficult to drive is also an early Alzheimer’s stage. They may suddenly get lost while driving or not able to recognize the road on which they have driven throughout their life. It is because Alzheimer’s affects the short-term memory of an individual, so they happen to lose a sense of direction. In addition, there are also changes in vision and it gets difficult to distinguish between colors or judge a particular distance.

5. Loss of Words: Another common and earliest sign is pausing in the middle of a fluent conversation. Your senior suffering from Alzheimer’s disease symptoms will suddenly pause and not be able to complete the conversation. They may not recall names or even recent events.

If you notice a pattern of the above symptoms in your senior, then it is essential that you consult a general practitioner immediately. Whether you look after your senior or there is a caregiver, it is important to be aware, then feeling sorry later. Moreover, once you gather that your senior is showing the above signs and you are staying afar or not able to give the required time, then we at Complete Home Care are there for you and your senior. You can live your routine life, while our professional caregiver will take care of your senior. We offer personal care, housekeeper or companion, hospital accompaniment, appointment and travel assist. So, according to the requirement you can avail of our services and feel rest assured regarding your elderly with our in home care service. You can view our services here and get in touch with us today if you live in Harrisburg and Philadelphia. We will take care of your senior the right way, comforting and caring, always.

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