Importance of Friendship in Aging Seniors

The magic of friendship never fails even as one age and retires. Friendship in old age is comforting, can enrich life and slow the ageing process during the golden years of life. Staying social and being surrounded by friends is a crucial factor in successful ageing. It can combat loneliness and depression tendency, and help your senior overcome loss of a dear one, physical changes in the body and other realities of ageing. This is why it is essential for your elderly to stay connected with friends and family, and feel comforted. Read on to know more.

How your senior can benefit from friendship and social engagement during the golden years of their life

  • Prevents Isolation, Curbs Loneliness: A potential threat to your aging adult’s health is staying alone and feeling lonely. Friends can come to their rescue as they can keep them entertained and busy. They can occasionally meet, chat every day and make the most of technology to keep themselves societal. If they have lost old friends, you can help them by making them join some social groups or networks where they can make new friends, nurture their hobbies and interests.
Senior Friendship & social life
  • Reduces the Risk of Dementia: By increasing the social network, you can help your senior minimize the risk of cognitive diseases like dementia. Staying in the company of friends helps stimulate the brain and encourage healthy behavior. Ensure that your senior connects with the peers over a cup of coffee or games. It will keep their cognition sharp, and a dose of laughter and fun is always beneficial for everyone.
  • Strengthens the Immune System: Ageing does impact the immune system of your older adult. However, you can still help them enjoy a healthy and happy life by assisting in building a strong, social network. In the absence of social interaction, loneliness and depression can creak in producing high levels of stress hormones, which can further hamper the senior’s immune system. So, it is essential that you make them organize regular outings and catch-up sessions with their peers.
  • Keeps Seniors Active: Along with taking care of the social and emotional well-being of the senior, friends help in maintaining an active lifestyle. They can work out together and stay healthy and active. Organize simple exercise sessions and improve their cardiovascular and bone health.
  • Adds Years to Life: Friendship and social interaction improves the overall quality of one’s life and it holds true for your aging senior, too. They receive constant support from peers, which helps them overcome the aging issues. Besides, by participating in activities for senior citizens, they remain active and happy.

Encourage your aging senior to make friends, stay connected with the old ones and be active. The importance of friendship cannot be ignored at that age of life. If you are engaged and need some support in taking your senior around during your absence, then you can connect with Complete Home Care team. Offering an array of home-based services for your senior, we can help when you are not around. There is also a travel assistance service to ensure that your older adult never misses the doctor appointment or a social engagement. You can learn more about us and our services from here, and let’s help your senior stay social and happy during these golden years of their life.

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