How to Reduce the Risk of Fall Among Elderly People?

Falls are common in aging adults. Reports indicate, “one in every four older Americans fall every year”. In facts, falls is one of the main causes of fatal and non-fatal injuries among Americans over 65 years of age. The dwindling physical strength, weakening eyesight and stability issues increase the risk of falls in the elderly. But, it can be dangerous, especially for your aging senior, senior’s bone health should be taken care with the right nutrition and exercises. That bruise due to a fall can lead to other complications. That bone fracture will take a longer time to heal at that age. This makes it important that precautionary steps are taken to reduce the risk of falling. Below are some means that can help you in reducing such instances at home.

1. Fall-Proof the Home:

The first thing that you should do is fall-proof your senior’s home. Start with de-cluttering for fall prevention at home. The aim should be to have only the necessary things in their reach. Avoid keeping medicines in the bottom drawers or clothes out of their reach. Ensure they don’t need to stretch or bend too much to access everyday essentials. In addition, keep the floor clear all the time. Do away with those slippery rugs and mats. The frequently traveled area at home should be clutter-free for easy movement.

Risk of Fall

2. Light It Up:

A well-lit and bright home is a necessity for the elderly and should be a part of the fall prevention checklist. So, ensure that your senior’s house has big and bright bulbs, which will help with easy mobility. You need to check the lighting of the entire house, especially the senior’s bedroom, kitchen, stairs, and entryway. Those dim, night lamps should be replaced with bright ones or opt for motion sensor lights, which are perfect if they get up at night.

Risk of Fall

3. Periodic Vision Check & Exercise for Strength:

To avoid incidents of fall, it is important that you keep taking the senior for a periodic eye check-up. Vision-related issues can affect your senior’s focus and color perception. Schedule timely visit for eye and ear checks for fall risk assessment. In addition, you can make them join a yoga class or take them for physical therapy sessions that can help in better strength and balance.

4. Other Safety Measures:

Along with the above means, if possible you should get a handrail installed in the stairway and grab bars in the bathroom and shower area for fall prevention for seniors. This way they will have the necessary support in getting-up and be moving from one place to another. To help with an easy movement, you should also get your senior comfortable, supportive shoes with good traction. Socks may seem a more comfortable option at home, but they are not as safe as a pair of good shoes. Likewise, when it comes to their clothing, opt for perfect fitting one as against loose clothes.

Risk of Fall

5. In-Home Care:

If you feel that your senior is having balance and stability issues, then opt for home care service. It will help you stay carefree as your senior will be assisted and accompanied at all times. An elderly caregiver can help avoid such incidents of sudden falls as they can help your senior move around the house, manage their everyday chores and help in light exercises. So, opt for an in-home caregiver for your loved one’s safety and care.

Risk of Fall

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