How to Protect your Senior from the Sun?

The sun is a mighty source of light. Big and beautiful, it provides you the daily dose of Vitamin D and treats with a wonderful sunset every evening. But, the sun also contains the ultraviolet radiation. This radiation can be quite harmful for your aging elderly. So, you need to ensure that your senior can embrace the sun every day, but it does not raise any health concerns. You must take important summer safety tips for seniors to protect your them from the summer sun.

1. Reschedule Stroll Time:

Some time out under the sun is refreshing and energizing. So, don’t stop your senior from going out every day for a stroll. Rather, reschedule the stroll time before 10 AM and after 4 PM. The sun rays are harsh and harmful for those 5 hours during the day, so following this summer health tip for seniors is important. Whether it is the doctor visit, weekly grocery shopping or every day stroll ensure the timings are rescheduled during the summer months.


2. A Hat, A Shade is a Must:

Get a sun protection hat and shade for your senior and ensure that your senior wears it before stepping outside. A big, round hat will protect the head and face of your elderly from the harsh sun rays. Along with protecting the skin with a hat, wearing shades is also important as looking directly at the sun can be damaging for the eyes.

healthcare-providers3. Wear Proper Clothing:

If your elderly has to stay outside for long hours, then wearing proper adaptive clothing for elderly is a must. It is the proper clothing that will prevent the sunlight from damaging the skin. Prolonged exposure to the summer sun can be quite damaging. So, remember to cover up the older adult’s skin and protect it.

4.Wear & Carry the Sunscreen:

During summers it is important to wear the best sunscreen all day long. The same is applicable for your senior too. It is advisable to put sunscreen with 15 SPF. It will protect the senior’s skin from sun rays. But, if the senior has to stay out for long hours, then they must carry the sunscreen, along and apply it every 4 to 5 hours.

5. Stay Hydrated:

Along with the above ritual, keeping your senior hydrated  will be useful for the skin and overall health. The water consumption should increase during summers otherwise dehydration in elderly can lead to health concerns. If your senior tends to forget, then install applications on the smartphone, which will remind the senior to have water through the day.

Follow the above tips on how to protect your senior from the sun. An aging adult’s skin is more prone to skin cancer and infections. So, it is important to take extra care of them during summers. If your senior requires help in bathing and grooming, then you can trust the Complete Home Care team. Taking care of aging adults in Harrisburg and Philadelphia our personal care services include personal grooming, hygiene and medication. Our trained professionals, will help your senior take bath, apply a layer of sunscreen and ensure they go out only after wearing their hat and shades. So, for senior care services you can connect with us and learn more about our services to take care of your senior, this summer.