Holidays are the time to Observe

The Holidays are the time to Observe & Show You Care with having an In-Home Caregiver It’s the Holiday Season when you get time to visit your parents and family. It’s the time of the year when you visit home to enjoy your grandparents and family. You may be talking to them over the phone, every day, but a face to face meeting has a different impact. You can observe a lot more and learn about their growing needs. Here are the things and signs, which you need to observe when you go home this Holiday season and see if they need in home care.

1. Short-Term Memory Loss: This is one of the most common age-related health ailments and the signs, which can give you an idea include:

  • Unpaid utility bills
  • Expired and unconsumed medicines
  • Multiple packets of the same grocery
  • Wandering or lost in their own house

If you see such things in your senior’s house, you should get the message that they may be suffering from a short-term memory loss and need a check-up and in-home help.

2. Physical Changes: Weight gain or loss is not something good at that age. If you notice a considerable change in your senior’s physique, then try to identify the cause. Is it the lack of nutrition or a probable hormone issue? If it is not nutrition, then you should plan a physician visit and discuss the changes you observe.

3. The Home Atmosphere: The house, which was once all clean and pristine looks dirty and dull. Do you see the kitchen counters soiled? Well, your elderly may not be able to manage the cleaning task every day, properly. The refrigerator may have rotten veggies and expired dressings. This problem can be serious if your senior ends up consuming this kind of food. With low immunity levels at old age, the chances of infections increase and consuming such stale food can be harmful. Maybe its time to look for in home care providers.

4. Daily Chores Missed: Are your elderly not able to manage their everyday tasks? Is bathing and cooking getting difficult? You should also watch out for their personal hygiene. They may be timid to accept this, but observing and responding to some senior home care is the key here.

5. Social Disconnect: When you throw that Christmas party at home, are your seniors engaging or like to stay isolated? Are they going for the stroll and reading the newspaper with the same zest? If not, then it is an alarming sign and you need to augment the situation now by checking for some elder home care services.

So, when you go home this Holiday season spend time with the seniors at home and observe them, carefully. If they need assistance in managing the everyday tasks or you notice any other alarming signals, take immediate action. During your stay, try to schedule and visit their doctor to discuss the concerns you’ve observed. If you feel some in home care for adults is needed on an everyday basis, then you can check Complete Homecare services, here. We offer a wide range of services and you can opt as per the requirement of your senior. From personal care to travel assistance, we can take care of your seniors’ requirements end to end. Moreover, our professional service providers are truly committed to providing care with love. So, let your senior get all the assistance from the comfort of their home and feel loved, always.

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