Hearing Loss in Senior and How it Impacts their Independence?

Hearing loss is a common problem that affects most seniors. It often goes untreated as it is considered a symptom of ageing. However, leaving it untreated can negatively impact the quality of life of your ageing senior. Hearing loss can lead to other health concerns and even make your senior dependent. Here is how it affects your older adult’s life.

1. Disconnect Socially: When your elderly are not able to comprehend a conversation, he or she will try to withdraw. Asking people to repeat a statement makes them feel bad. Rather, than asking them to repeat they consider withdrawal as a better tool. Alternatively, some seniors start talking loudly and appear disoriented before people. In such a case, others may avoid striking a conversation with them. Either way, it eventually leads to social withdrawal. This, in turn, can make them feel lonely, pushing towards depression tendency.

2. Medical Mishaps: During a doctor’s visit, the senior may not be able to comprehend the instructions and advises. Besides, while buying the medicine from the pharmacy, they may not follow the dosage instructions that the pharmacist is giving. The problem can become quite a difficult one if they end up taking the wrong dosage.

3. Safety Concerns: Due to hearing loss, your senior will not be able to listen to basic warning signs. Like, smoke detector, fire alarm, doorbell or car horn. It will cause safety concerns inside the house and outside. While at home if there is an outbreak of fire, they will not be able to take quick action as they can’t hear the fire alarm. Likewise, while driving, they can’t hear the other cars honking on the street.

4. Cognitive Decline: Research indicates that adults who have hearing loss can experience a faster decline in their cognitive health. As the hearing becomes impaired, the brain has to work harder leading to increased load and causing cognitive decline.

When your senior is diagnosed with hearing impairment, it will immediately impact their independence. They will not be able to travel or manage things on their own. If such is the case with your elderly, then check with the doctor if it is Sensorineural or Conductive hearing loss. In the case of Sensorineural hear loss, the inner ear and auditory nerve are impacted, and it is irreversible. However, the Conductive hearing loss can be treated and is reversible. It occurs due to wax buildup or fluid in the ear. Once you know about the hearing impairment, you should ask your senior to move in with you, or you should relocate. Making them stay alone is not advisable. However, if you can’t shift with your senior, then look for seasoned home care professional who can look after them. Complete Home Care is one such name you can trust. Offering services in Philadelphia, Narberth, and Harrisburg, we have complete home care service solution for your ageing elderly. Click here to know more about our services and help your senior living with this impairment.

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