Getting Around for Older Adults When They Can’t Drive

There comes a point in everyone’s life when you have to hand over your car keys to someone else. It is confidence and safety concerns, which make your senior quit driving. This is a crucial phase in your senior’s life. The feeling of dependency, of being home bound all the time can lead to depression and loneliness tendency. It is for you to ensure that your senior can still be driven around and has an easy drive to the grocery store, doctor and social engagements. But, if you are pondering how to get your older adult around when they stop driving, then the below means can come to your aid to find transportation for seniors.

Older Adults

1. Carpooling:

Don’t ask for a favor from a friend or neighbor, rather opt for carpool and ensure your elderly transportation where senior travels carefree and safely. If you have a neighbor going to buy the grocery, then request for a carpool. It will be a subsidized option and your senior will be happy to go out and do grocery shopping. You can look for similar options of transportation for seniors with medicare with friends and family to ensure your senior never misses a doctor appointment and other engagements.

Older Adults

2. Public Transport:

If there are buses, trains and trams in the area where your senior lives, then it can be an ideal transportation option. They cost less and can be a perfect alternative when the senior’s driving stops, but can walk safely to the transfer line.

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3. Taxi or Car Service:

Uber and Lyft have their fleet of taxis operating across the US. If your senior is facing walking concerns too, then this can be a convenient option. The drivers are usually available all through the day and at all hours. Moreover, the cost comes out to be cheaper than the traditional taxis, so you can look for such personal transportation for seniors.

4. Volunteer Transportation Programs:

There are also various volunteer transportation programs in every community. Offering transportation service for elderly and disabled, you can check for the newsletter if there are such programs where your senior lives. These are either free of cost or available for little cost. Funded through non-profits, donations and grants, their operating hours are limited and you will have to schedule a ride beforehand.

Older Adults

5. Private Ride Service:

Along with these options, you can also explore private transportation for seniors provided by homecare agency. One such trusted and professional option with you is of Complete Home Care Transport Assistance. Our personal caregiver, will pick your older adult from the home address, take to the venue, wait and then drop back home, safely. So, never miss a doctor’s appointment or any social engagement. You can rely on Complete Home Care. In addition, if your senior is travelling via any other means, then you can choose our travel assist service. You can call at Complete Home Care Travel Assistance and ask for Travel Assist service. A representative will accompany your senior and the cost of travel of the representative will have to be borne by you.

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So, view the different services by Complete Home Care and make traveling for your senior fun and easy even when they can’t drive. We will ensure your senior travels with ease and doesn’t feel dependent. Traveling itself can work as a relaxation and engaging therapy for your adult. There are also various other services that we offer in Harrisburg and Philadelphia, which you can view here and give your senior one of the best home care service.