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One is never too old or young to start exercising. If your senior has been avoiding exercise on the age pretext, then it’s time you need to motivate and get them going as there are many exercise benefits for elderly. Working out is an absolute must for your ageing elderly as its benefits in overall well-being. Even small amount of exercise for seniors every day can improve the health and life expectancy. Research indicates that even 30 minutes of moderate workout can make much of a difference in your senior’s health.

Let’s learn more about the benefits of exercise for your elderly.

Improves Cognitive Performance:

Senior fitness program improves and increases the mental capacity of a person. When one does exercise, there is increased blood flow in every part of the body, including the brain. It not only improvises the fine, motor skills but also minimizes the risk of Dementia.

Homecare Exercise

Prevents & Delays Diseases:

A regular, workout routine reduces the risk of various age-related and lifestyle diseases like diabetes and stroke. By exercising every day, your senior can keep the cholesterol levels under control, which reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Besides, exercise is the best medicine as it helps build immunity levels keeping infection and seasonal flu at bay.

Faster Recovery, Quick Healing:

With age and lack of exercise in the elderly, wounds take longer to heal, and body takes more time to recover. However, exercising can facilitate quick recovery and healing as it works on the immunity level of a person, which is usually low in older adults.

Dynamic Balance Exercise

Reduces Fall Episodes:

With age, the chances of imbalance and fall increase. Due to falls, your senior suffers from pain and fractures, which take a longer time to heal. By exercising on a regular basis, your senior’s balance improves and there is less chance of sudden falls in the elderly. There are also some dynamic balance for the elderly, which your senior can practice to reduce falling episodes.

Eliminates Depression & Loneliness:

When your senior takes up any exercise regime, they will go out and meet more people. It will be socially engaging and will reduce depression and loneliness tendency. Besides, keeping them physically fit it will also keep them happy and entertained. There are also social benefits of exercise for the elderly.

Make your senior workout every day even if it is for a short duration. Encourage them to indulge in moderate exercise for at least 150 minutes through a week. Plan a regime for them and spread these 150 minutes per week making it achievable. Let it be a mix of walking, strength training, flexibility and balancing exercises. Of course, factor-in rest days in the schedule. Before your senior starts an exercise regime ensure that you consult the doctor. There may be some specific workouts, which they should not perform and you must consider that in the planning. Besides, if the doctor advises working out under supervision, then Complete Home Care can help. There are experts in this domain of senior care who can take your senior out for a walk and make them exercise. You can gather about our elder care services from here and let’s help your senior commit to exercise and good health.

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