Causes of Declining Personal Hygiene in Ageing Senior, Ways to Discuss & More

The once upon a time well-dressed and hygiene conscious elderly may seem to be losing interest in their appearance and ignoring their personal hygiene. The ageing process can be primarily responsible for this apathy. It may be some of those new aches and pains that are making your senior depart from the good personal hygiene and grooming practices. Besides, there can also be some cognitive and sensory issues, which are causing a decline in their personal hygiene. Let’s help you understand the reason behind this declining personal hygiene in ageing senior and how you should discuss it with your senior.

Declining Personal Hygiene in Ageing Senior Causes:

  • Memory Loss: With age, your senior may face the issue of memory loss and occasionally forget to take a bath, brush their teeth or change clothes. If such is the case, then you can install apps on their smartphones, which can remind them from time to time. However, if they are already having dementia, then these routine personal hygiene checklists will sound utterly alien to them. In such a scenario, you will have to either manage their personal hygiene on your own or rely on professional care. Someone who can gently, respectfully and carefully give a bath to your senior, change clothes, brush their teeth and groom them perfectly. 
  • Physical Issues: Is your senior suffering from arthritis or back-pain issues? If such physical challenges are turning out to be the reason behind those physical hygiene issues like hand and feet, then take them for a pedicure from time to time. Otherwise, look for a professional care provider who can come home once or twice a week and clean the feet. Likewise, opening the shampoo bottle may be an issue due to arthritis pain. So, you can put the shampoo in an easy to open bottle or even jar.
  • Sensory Decline: As one ages, even the senses of a person decline. While you can smell the odor, your senior will not be able to sense it. But such elderly personal hygiene concerns are delicate, and you should deal with it cautiously. So, you should advise them if two puffs of the perfume are fine for them or three, instead of telling them to use perfume.
Personal Hygiene
  • Depression: Due to deteriorating health condition, your senior may develop depression and an apathetic attitude towards personal hygiene care. If your senior is expressing a disinterested approach towards health and wellness, then you should counsel and convince them about the feel-good factor. Help them dress right in their favourite colour clothes with the preferred fragrance.
Personal Hygiene

These are most commonly the causes of declining personal hygiene of your ageing senior. So, talk to them openly, ask questions and then try to help them. You can plan a familiar routine for them, consider adding safety railing in the bathroom, anti-slip covers near the bathtub for their safety, and keep bathing and other hygiene essentials handy. Besides, if they need assistance, then do it with care, respecting their age and privacy. However, in case you hire a personal care assistant to maintain hygiene, ensure that they never feel embarrassed in front of them. If the senior is not comfortable, advise the caregiver to allow them to clean their private parts on their own. However, if you are still searching for such a modest, caring and careful senior home care provider, then Complete Home Care is a name you can trust. Our seasoned professionals are adept at personal care services like bathing, shaving, dressing, grooming and medical assistance. We also provide housekeeper and companion care services. At present, we offer in-home caregiver in Narberth, Philadelphia and Harrisburg. You can learn more about our services from here.

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