Can Isolation Increase the Risk of Chronic Diseases among Elderly?

Aging and isolation can be a dangerous combination for your elderly. Research indicates that seniors who experience isolation are prone to common chronic diseases as against peers who are engaged and socially active. When a senior is isolated the chances of depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, cardiac related illness and mobility related challenges increase. In addition, some of them also start substance abuse i.e. use of drugs and alcohol to overcome loneliness. So, the chances of chronic diseases are fairly high in an isolated senior. As a family caregiver, it is your responsibility to ensure that your aging senior is able to combat isolation and live this phase in a comfortable, secure and happy environment.

Below are some means that can come to your aid in helping your elderly live a meaningful life and overcome elderly loneliness.

1- Connect with the Community:

A common reason, behind this isolation among seniors is the loss of a spouse. It increases the risk of loneliness and isolation. So, it is essential to help them connect with a community of widows and widowers and overcome this aging issue. Once the interaction with the peer’s increase, they will become socially active and will regain their lost confidence. This makes it important to connect them with their community, where there are able to relate, talk and socialize.

2- Work as Volunteer:

As one ages, there is more free time, which becomes another cause of this feeling of isolation. Look for the volunteer work option, which your aging senior will enjoy doing. This will help to keep them busy and overcome isolation. It will also be quite encouraging for them and do wonders to the elderly health.


3- Make New Friends:

With aging, your friend circle also starts shrinking. Some part to stay close to their families, some retire and move to their native. Eventually, there is the loss of friends and your senior feels lonely leading to depression in the elderly. So, it is essential to help your senior make new friends, get engaged and stay occupied.

4- Easy and Affordable Transportation:

Sudden confinement at home can also make your elderly feel lonely and lead to depression in older adults. If they are not able to drive around the town, then make some arrangements, so that they can travel with ease. Look for quick and safe ride options, using which they can manage their daily errands and attend events.

Chronic DiseasesChronic Diseases

With the above means, you can take care of your elderly and prevent them from feeling isolated. Once this feeling of isolation creeps in an individual it can lead to chronic illness. So, if you notice such a tendency in your aging senior, then augment the situation before it gets too late. Other than the above, you can also provide comfort and companionship to your elderly with home care service. Someone who can come, help your senior with everyday chores and provide complete care. If you are looking for such elder care services in Harrisburg and Philadelphia, then you can connect with the Complete Home Care team. There are various services and packages, and you can choose as per your preference. View our services here and connect with our team for best in class, home care support for your senior.