Breast Cancer Prevention & Awareness for Senior Women

With age, the risk of breast cancer increases in older women. Studies indicate “nearly half the women diagnosed with breast cancer are over 60 years of age and a fifth are more than 70 years old”. It is a problem, which is becoming increasingly common and getting diagnosed in women of all age groups. According to the American Cancer Society, “232,340 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year”. While it is an increasingly common problem, its treatment becomes difficult in women of older age groups. October being the month of breast cancer awareness, let’s understand the symptoms and ways of preventing it.

The Symptoms

  • Some of the common warning signs of breast cancer include:
  • Darkening or swelling of the breast
  • Lump in the breast or near the armpit
  • Discharge from nipple
  • Rashes or irritation
  • An abnormal change in the size of the breast

The Prevention
Once you know these symptoms,

  • Self-Examination: You should carefully do a breast self-examination every day, irrespective of the age group. Along with self-examination at home, women over the age of 40 should go for below preventive means.
  • Mammogram: It is a breast screening that can help in the detection of breast cancer. While women in the age group of 40-44 should go for it annually, women older than 55 years should get the screening done every alternate year. Sometimes there can be non-cancerous lymph or cyst. However, getting a preventive examination is necessary.
  • Healthy Diet: Along with getting periodic screening and tests done, it is important that your senior eats a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables containing carotenoids are good for women’s health and go a long way in preventing breast cancer in women of all age groups. Planning breast cancer prevention diets for your ageing seniors will be beneficial.
  • Stay Active: By eating a healthy diet and working out, your seniors can manage their weight and stay active. This can also reduce risk of breast cancer in ageing elderly women.
  • Quit Smoking: It is harmful to smoke and if pre-menopausal women smoke their risk of getting breast cancer increases. For the post-menopausal women, even exposure to second-hand smoking is dangerous. If your senior has the habit of smoking or is getting exposed to second-hand smoking, then consult the physician and work out a smoking cessation program.

The Care
This October, pledge to take care of your ageing seniors, your mother, and grandmother and avert the risk of painful and life-threatening breast cancer. If detected timely, this problem can be treated and cured. However, if your busy work life schedule or living in a different city is not allowing you to take care of your ageing senior, then seek solace in the Complete Home Care team. Our agile team can cook, take care of and accompany your senior. They can take them for a hospital visit, yearly examination and take proper care of them when you are not around. You can know more about our senior care services from here and let’s together help your senior avert the risk of breast cancer.