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Key drivers for mental health for Seniors

Mental health care problems is an important aspect of overall health and well-being, and it is particularly important for seniors to take care of their mental health as they age.

Here are some key drivers for mental health for seniors:

Social connections:

Studies have shown that social connections are essential to mental health, and seniors are at risk of isolation and loneliness. To maintain social connections, seniors should try to stay in touch with friends and family, join clubs or groups, and participate in volunteer work.

Physical activity:

Regular physical activity is not only good for the body, but it also has positive effects on mental health, such as reducing stress and depression. Seniors should aim to get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise, such as walking or swimming, per day.

key driver for health


Sleep is crucial for maintaining mental health, and seniors are at risk of insomnia and other sleep disorders. To promote healthy sleep, seniors should establish a regular sleep schedule, avoid caffeine and heavy meals before bed, and create a comfortable sleep environment.

Mental health care problems:

Cognitive stimulation:

Keeping the mind active can help to prevent cognitive decline and dementia, and it also promotes mental well-being. Seniors should engage in activities such as reading, playing word games, and learning a new skill or hobby.

Mental health care problems:

Many seniors experience mental health care problems, such as depression and anxiety, and it is important for them to seek professional help. Seniors should speak with a doctor, counselor or therapist if they are experiencing symptoms of mental illness and to follow the advice provided by mental health problems professional.

By addressing these key drivers, seniors can maintain their mental health and well-being as they age. It is important to keep an eye on the changes in mental health and seek professional help if needed.

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Key issues for seniors to worry about during winter time

Winter can be a challenging time for seniors, as the cold weather and shorter days can exacerbate existing health problems and create new ones.

Here are some key issues for seniors to be aware of during the winter months:

Senior Care in Winter

Cold weather and hypothermia: Seniors are more susceptible to hypothermia, a condition caused by the body losing heat faster than it can produce it. Symptoms include shivering, confusion, drowsiness, and slurred speech. To prevent hypothermia, seniors should dress in warm layers, stay indoors during extreme cold, and avoid alcohol and certain medications that can cause drowsiness.

Winter falls: Snow and ice can create slippery conditions, making it more likely for seniors to fall and suffer injuries. To prevent falls, seniors should wear sturdy shoes with good traction, use a cane or walker, and clear sidewalks and steps of snow and ice.

Senior Care in Winter
Senior Care in Winter

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD): The shorter days and lack of sunlight during the winter can lead to feelings of depression, fatigue, and social isolation. To combat SAD, seniors should try to get outside and get some natural light, exercise regularly, and stay connected with friends and family.

Heart health: Cold weather can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, as the body works harder to keep warm. To protect heart health, seniors should dress warmly, stay active, and avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Flu and pneumonia: Winter is flu season, and seniors are at a higher risk of complications from the flu and pneumonia. To protect against these illnesses, seniors should get a flu shot and take other precautions such as washing their hands regularly and avoiding close contact with people who are sick.

By being aware of these key issues and taking steps to prevent them, seniors can have a safer and more comfortable winter. It is important to consult a doctor if you have any concerns regarding your health and to follow their advice.

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Walking and Preventing Feebleness in Seniors: The Co-Relation

The feeling of weakness, frailty is often synonymous with growing old. Your seniors may long to fulfill their fancies during their golden years, but the lack of strength and energy frustrates their attempts. One of the primary reason behind this feebleness is the lack of physical activity. As one ages, there is a significant decline in their movement and activities.

A Harvard study indicates, “After the age of 25-30, an average man’s maximum attainable heart rate declines by about one beat, per minute, per year. So, a healthy 25-year-old can pump 2½ quarts of blood a minute, which declines to 1 ½ quarts by the age of 65 and about a quart at the age of 80.”

Moreover, many research suggests that walking is one way of preventing frailty in seniors. Before we understand this co-relation, let’s know what is frailty and its symptoms?

Frailty & Its Symptoms

It is a state of persistent weakness and tiredness. Surveys indicate, “nearly 20% older Americans over the age of 80 are frail.” Some of its symptoms include,

  • Low energy
  • Slow walking speed
  • A weak grip of things
  • Slow physical activity

The Co-Relation

There are many benefits of Walking and Preventing Feebleness in Seniors as it can go a long way in warding off frailty in your ageing seniors.

  • It strengthens the muscles, improves the balance and eases mobility. When walking there is muscle-building that takes place and gives strength and stamina to the body. Moreover, an easy to do workout for your ageing seniors even those living with a sedentary lifestyle can start walking after consulting the GP. Initially, they may require supervision. However, with no technique and training requirement, they will soon be able to walk according to their convenience.
  • If you feel that your ageing adults need supervision while walking or the GP advices the same, then you can seek support in the form of an in-home caregiver. Someone, who can come to your elderly’s home and take them for a walk. A professional caregiver can monitor their walking session, and they can enjoy it too without the fear of falls.
  • It is often the fear of falling that makes your seniors switch to a sedentary lifestyle. However, when your seniors are accompanied, they will also willingly go for a walking session, everyday. You can also look for community walking groups. It is a great way of helping them mingle with their peers and spend some time close to nature. Such an effort will make walking a socially and emotionally satiating experience.
  • Moreover, during your week-offs, you can take your seniors for a walk and spend some quality time with them, and asses their health. But when you are not around, you can rely on a trusted senior home care agency, like Complete Home Care. Walking and Preventing Feebleness in Seniors.
Walking and Preventing Feebleness in Seniors

A qualified and seasoned professional from our team will come to take your senior for a walking session. The caregiver will take them from home and drop them back. Besides, they will monitor their pace and help them stay strong during these golden years of their life. We are a specialized senior care agency, and you can rely on us for your senior’s care. Learn more about us and our presence from Complete Home Care.

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Tips to Protect your Older Adults from Cybercrimes

 In a technologically driven era, your older adults are also increasingly becoming tech-savvy. It makes their life a lot easier. From connecting with you and your kids online to carrying out a financial transaction, by getting technologically literate, they can do many tasks on their own, from the comfort of their home. However, this often comes at a cost as they are increasingly becoming vulnerable targets of cyber-criminals.

Reports indicate, nearly 42% of adults aged 65 and older are now using smartphones.

Another report indicates, older Americans lose nearly $ 36.5 billion to financial scams and abuse every year.

The above figures highlight the importance of protecting your older adults against cybercrimes. You should share with them the below tips and reduce the risk posed by cybercrimes and subsequent financial losses.

1. Don’t Give Personal Information: Scammers often pose as representatives of a company and will ask for information like the social security number or credit card information. You can show them such scam emails samples from the web and caution them against sharing any such information. If they pose to be from their insurance or any similar vital company and they are worried about communication getting snapped, then suggest them to contact the company directly.

2. Don’t Respond to Emails Offering Free Gifts or Prizes: Your seniors will often get emails from scammers with the subject line of “Free Gifts or Prizes”. However, these are easy modes of trapping them and obtaining personal information. You should tell them about such scammers and not to respond to such emails.

3. Don’t Engage with Unknown Email Senders: Another way of trapping your ageing elderly’s is by sending phishing emails to them. Some of these may come with attachments and links to make it more realistic. So, it is important that you keep them informed about such emails as well.

4. Safe Browsing Habits: Each time you visit your elderly’s you should check their smartphone and computer. It is essential that they should be equipped with malware and software updates. If the anti-virus is about to get expired, then renew it and ensure they indulge in safe internet browsing practices.

5. Caution them Against Friends on Social Media: To trap your older adults, scammers often pose as friends on Facebook. You should check with your seniors about any new friend on Facebook and if they show signs of doubt ask them to block the person immediately. Moreover, you should also tell them to refrain from sharing any information about them or their family with any new friend on Facebook.

With the increasing use of technology, smartphones, computers and gadgets, we are all vulnerable to such cyber crimes. The data released year after year from the Department of Homeland Security indicates the need of being more cautious. It becomes critical for your seniors. However, if you think that they tend to forget, then it is better to ask them to stop its use. You can instead help them in the form of a caregiver support. Someone trusted who can manage the essentials, take them for their important visits.

If you are looking for such a trusted home care services agency, then Complete Home Care is a reliable name. Catering to seniors in Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Narberth, our people are dependable. You can touch base with us from Complete Home Care and let us help your seniors from being a victim of such crimes and losing their hard earned money during their retirement years.

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5 Tips to Keep Seniors Healthy, This Holiday Season

It is time of the year to celebrate; it is time for merrymaking and rejoicing. With the holiday season upon us, hosting brunches and dinners, meeting friends and family will all be in the pipeline. That’s the beauty of this season. It gives you a chance to meet your loved ones, enjoy your favorite preparations and have a joyous time. However, you must make all the plans keeping in mind your aging senior’s requirements. With a little preparation and planning, you and your seniors can enjoy this beautiful time of the year together.

Here are five such health tips for seniors that can help you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

Tip 1: Plan Meals with Seniors Dietary Guidelines: It is one time of the year when you don’t feel like denying yourself or your older adults yummy meals and treats. However, it may not be advisable to indulge in such treats in every meal. So, if a big spread is getting planned for Christmas dinner, then consider light lunch and snacks in the course of the day. Besides, for every meal consider the elderly nutrition problems and plan their meals according to doctor’s advice. Your senior may best avoid some fruits and vegetables. Likewise, monitor the sugar and salt content.

Tip 2: Plan Travel in Keeping with Seniors’ Limitations: Your elderlies will be excited to travel and meet the extended family. However, it is essential that you keep their health into consideration before planning for any travel. Maybe, you can take them for visits that are nearby or within the same city and get them home before they are too tired. As for family in other cities, you can request them to plan a visit to aging adult.

Tip 3: Plan Traditions in Manageable Manner: If the family has traditions like the seniors need to host the Christmas and New Year’s dinner, then it is advisable to plan according to the elderly’s health. If they insist on continuing with the traditions, then the younger generation should extend help. From cleaning the house to preparing the sumptuous meal, everyone should come forward and make it a happy affair for the senior.

Tip 4: Plan Shopping While Fulfilling Exercise Requirement: With temperatures plummeting in most parts of the country and holiday shopping upon you, taking your seniors for a walk or exercise may be getting affected. So, it is best that you take them around for shopping in a mall where they can walk according to their convenience and pace. When you feel, they are getting tired, you can make them sit in a coffee shop and allow them to relax.

Tip 5: Plan a Time to Revisit Memories: This can be amazing for your seniors who have Alzheimer or dementia. Their distant memories will make them feel good and get them in the form of conversing and rejoicing with other family members. You should consider some time for this beautiful walk down the memory lane for your older adults.

Complete Homecare Christmas Party.

Along with the above tips, you should also consider caregiver services for your seniors. Someone who can exclusively take care of their food, exercise, and other essentials. While you go shopping, there is a reliable someone at home to take them for a doctor’s visit and adhere to their medication schedule. If you are looking for such reliable services in Narberth, Philadelphia, and Harrisburg, then you can rely on Complete Home Care team. Our seasoned professionals will be with your senior through the holiday season and help your older adults enjoy it as also ensure that you can have a merrier time carefree. To know more about our services or to contact us, click here.

Complete Homecare Christmas Celebration.

Here’s Wishing You & Your Family a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Ways to Manage Arthritis Symptoms in Elderly with Right Food Choices

Your aging senior may be complaining of muscular or joint pains, and the doctor will diagnose it as a condition of arthritis. The term arthritis is a general one, which refers to different “musculoskeletal conditions” affecting the muscles, bones, and joints. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, arthritis affects nearly 36% of obese American adults. The body weight is directly related to overall body health. The excess weight stresses the joints causing wear and tear, stiffness and inflammation that leads to arthritis pain.

To avoid this arthritis pain, it is essential that your ageing senior make the right food choices. These can go a long way in shedding the extra pounds and managing the arthritis symptoms. Read on to learn about the food options that you should start incorporating in your senior’s diet to manage the arthritis pain. Your ageing senior may be complaining of muscular or joint pains, and the doctor will diagnose it as a condition of arthritis. The term arthritis is a general one, which refers to different “musculoskeletal conditions” affecting the muscles, bones, and joints.

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, arthritis affects nearly 36% of obese American adults. The body weight is directly related to overall body health. The excess weight stresses the joints causing wear and tear, stiffness and inflammation that leads to arthritis pain. To avoid this arthritis pain, it is essential that your ageing senior make the right food choices. These can go a long way in shedding the extra pounds and managing the arthritis symptoms. Read on to learn about the food options that you should start incorporating in your senior’s diet to manage the arthritis pain.

2. Vitamin C: Add fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C as it can promote collagen production and is essential for healthy cartilage. So, add orange, strawberry, cauliflower, sweet potato, kiwi and green leafy vegetables in your senior’s diet as these are all rich sources of Vitamin C.

3. Anthocyanins: An antioxidant, it can promote healthy connective tissue. It is present in fruits and vegetables like beetroot, cherry, plum, pomegranate, red and green grapes. These Anthocyanins are antioxidant superfoods promoting healthy connective tissue.

4. Green Tea: A wonder beverage it is known for its many health benefits and can help fight inflammation and prove useful for containing arthritis pain. Research indicates that it comes with an antioxidant called epigallocatechin-3-gallate and protects cartilage in joints. Serve it to your senior in the form of a hot beverage at least once or twice every day.

5. Ginger: Another natural anti-inflammatory food is ginger. A popular spice, you can add it in a cup of tea, in any chicken preparation or mix it in their favorite dry cake or muffin.

While the above food options are right for your seniors dealing with arthritis pain, there are some options which they need to avoid. So, it is advisable that you plan their meals after consulting the doctor. Your ageing senior may have developed an allergy to certain foods off late, and you may not be aware. Besides, it is best to avoid some food options with some medicines. Seek the doctors advise and treat your seniors with the right food combinations.

However, getting the proper diet plan is only a part of the story. You will have to cook and serve them too. With arthritis, your older adults may not be able to even open a lid or peel an orange. If you are looking for an expert, who can cook and offer companion care to your elderly with arthritis, then seek solace in Complete Home Care team. To connect with our team and know more about services click Complete Home Care.

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