6 Ways to Help your Senior Suffering from Loss of Appetite

Common Reasons for Appetite Loss in Seniors

An ageing senior will face this issue mostly due to the below reasons

1- Less physical activity and movement
2- Apathy towards cooking
3- Changing taste buds
4- Inability to cook or not willing to prepare food for one person
5- Loss of appetite due to a health problem
6- The side effect of a medicine

Other than the above, there can be many reasons for loss of appetite. However, it is vital to work towards it or bring it in a session with the GP. Ignoring it can start impacting the energy levels of your loving seniors and their overall health. Once you notice such signs of low appetite, you should immediately start working towards it. Try the below means to help your senior.

Tips to Help your Senior with Loss of Appetite

Set a Meal Time: To begin with, have a set meal time and place for your senior to consume food. Allow your elderly to set the time, and serve them the meal every day at the same time. It will work as an appetite stimulant by helping their body to be ready for food at the same time. Moreover, you can’t rely on your ageing senior to tell you if they are feeling hungry. The hunger level of a person declines with age.

Planning & Preparing the Meal: After setting a mealtime, you should also start planning the meal with your ageing adult. By including them in meal planning, they will feel good. You can also check for meal planning guidelines for elderly. Along with planning of meals, you should also make them a part of meal preparation. They will feel involved and not dependent. So, ask them if they would like to help.

Serve a Small portion of nutritious meals: When it comes to serving the meals to your senior, opt for a smaller portion. A plate full of food may turn off your senior as they are already suffering from loss of appetite. So, try to reduce the portion size and ensure that they eat in small quantities. Changing the pattern from three big meals to five small meals can help. Besides, try to serve them more nutritious meals. You can research on recipes for elderly parents. Serve a portion with more vegetables and beans rather than bread. It will be easy to digest and a good way to fill their meal with nutrients.

Start Eating with your Elderly: Loneliness and apathy to cook for one person can lead to lack of appetite. Try to take out time to sit and eat with them. It is essential to make mealtime enjoyable. Don’t focus on what they are eating and how much? Instead, engage them, and they might end up eating more than they do on regular days.

Exercise Regime: To improve your senior’s appetite and metabolism rate, plan out an exercise regime with them. Something they like so that they can do it on an everyday basis and it can work as an appetite enhancer. Plan walks, sitting exercises, and look for yoga sessions nearby. By enrolling them in a community senior exercise group, you will also help them become social.

Avoid Introducing New Food and Cook Soft Food: Along with the above, try to avoid introducing them to new food options at this age. The chances of liking a different cuisine or preparation are rare. Moreover, if there are any dental concerns, it can also lead to sudden loss of appetite. In such a case, try to prepare soft and easily chew able food for them.

However, if none of the above is working with your senior, then consult a doctor. There may be some medical condition, which requires attention and is the cause of loss of appetite.

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