5 Tips to Keep Seniors Healthy, This Holiday Season

It is time of the year to celebrate; it is time for merrymaking and rejoicing. With the holiday season upon us, hosting brunches and dinners, meeting friends and family will all be in the pipeline. That’s the beauty of this season. It gives you a chance to meet your loved ones, enjoy your favorite preparations and have a joyous time. However, you must make all the plans keeping in mind your aging senior’s requirements. With a little preparation and planning, you and your seniors can enjoy this beautiful time of the year together.

Here are five such health tips for seniors that can help you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

Tip 1: Plan Meals with Seniors Dietary Guidelines: It is one time of the year when you don’t feel like denying yourself or your older adults yummy meals and treats. However, it may not be advisable to indulge in such treats in every meal. So, if a big spread is getting planned for Christmas dinner, then consider light lunch and snacks in the course of the day. Besides, for every meal consider the elderly nutrition problems and plan their meals according to doctor’s advice. Your senior may best avoid some fruits and vegetables. Likewise, monitor the sugar and salt content.

Tip 2: Plan Travel in Keeping with Seniors’ Limitations: Your elderlies will be excited to travel and meet the extended family. However, it is essential that you keep their health into consideration before planning for any travel. Maybe, you can take them for visits that are nearby or within the same city and get them home before they are too tired. As for family in other cities, you can request them to plan a visit to aging adult.

Tip 3: Plan Traditions in Manageable Manner: If the family has traditions like the seniors need to host the Christmas and New Year’s dinner, then it is advisable to plan according to the elderly’s health. If they insist on continuing with the traditions, then the younger generation should extend help. From cleaning the house to preparing the sumptuous meal, everyone should come forward and make it a happy affair for the senior.

Tip 4: Plan Shopping While Fulfilling Exercise Requirement: With temperatures plummeting in most parts of the country and holiday shopping upon you, taking your seniors for a walk or exercise may be getting affected. So, it is best that you take them around for shopping in a mall where they can walk according to their convenience and pace. When you feel, they are getting tired, you can make them sit in a coffee shop and allow them to relax.

Tip 5: Plan a Time to Revisit Memories: This can be amazing for your seniors who have Alzheimer or dementia. Their distant memories will make them feel good and get them in the form of conversing and rejoicing with other family members. You should consider some time for this beautiful walk down the memory lane for your older adults.

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Along with the above tips, you should also consider caregiver services for your seniors. Someone who can exclusively take care of their food, exercise, and other essentials. While you go shopping, there is a reliable someone at home to take them for a doctor’s visit and adhere to their medication schedule. If you are looking for such reliable services in Narberth, Philadelphia, and Harrisburg, then you can rely on Complete Home Care team. Our seasoned professionals will be with your senior through the holiday season and help your older adults enjoy it as also ensure that you can have a merrier time carefree. To know more about our services or to contact us, click here.

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Here’s Wishing You & Your Family a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!