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5 Issues to Discuss Before You Decide your Parents to Move In with You

Taking care of your ageing parents can get demanding. You may be already juggling between that job and family responsibilities. Along with it, catering to the ad-hoc requirements of parents can get quite taxing. Sometimes you will have to rush for their grocery shopping or to get things fixed in their house. Managing these tasks once in a while is fine, however, doing it on a regular basis can take a toll on your health. However, one way of providing yourself with some relief is by making your parents move in with you. It will be assured as your parents will be living with you and you will not have to worry about them. But it is a big move and you need to ponder and discuss it with other family members as also your parents. Below are five issues that will require your attention.

1. Take the Opinion of Other Family Members: You are convinced about the decision of moving elderly parents into your home. However, you should talk to your spouse, kids, and siblings and consider their opinions. Do your spouse and parents get along well? Is your spouse open to the idea of living with in-laws? Are your kids willing to let go of their bedroom for their grandparents? You must also talk to your siblings if they are comfortable with this idea? Are they fine visiting their parents at your home? Talking and giving due consideration to every opinion is important as this decision will be impacting the lives of others.

2. Consider the Privacy Factor: Living with grandparents and in-laws may sound exciting for your kids and spouse. However, there will be a loss of privacy, and it can get tough for everyone at home. The kids will feel a loss of space and the married couple will also experience the absence of secrecy. Meeting someone once in a while and getting to live with them forever are two very different things. Your kids may enjoy spending their holidays at their grandparent’s home; however, things will be different when they stay with them permanently.

3. Is your Home Senior-Friendly? Seniors need some form of customizations at home for a convenient living experience. It may not be the case with your home. There can be narrow doors, many steps at your home, which will be difficult for your senior. You will be around and can be helpful in navigating through the home in the initial days. However, there will be home modifications that you will need to get done in the bathroom and shower area.

4. Home Customization & Other Expenses: Some of the modifications in your home will be inevitable to make things smooth for your senior. You will need to get a bar rail installed in the bathroom, barrier-free shower area and railings along the staircase. These are a must for your senior’s safety. Besides, when your parents move in with you will you be managing their expenses? You will need to weigh and consider every cost as it will impact you and your family. In the event of a chronic disease, you may have to quit your job to take care of your senior, which will reduce the income flow in your home. Are you willing to make such moves?

5. Other Solutions: Is moving your senior in your home the only solution? Are there different ways that can give relief to you and not impact your family life? How about moving your parents into assisted living communities? But if they want a home environment, then opting for elder care services can be the ideal solution. They can stay in the comfort of their home and someone can come and take care of them and their daily needs.

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